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An interview show by Laura Constantini and Carolina Pascowitch (Lully) from Brazilian Venture Capital Firm Astella, where they go “backpacking” around the world to meet with extraordinary VCs, LPs and tech thought leaders, exploring their backgrounds, views and perspectives on tech investing; while capturing their essence, inspirations and aspirations in life!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Meet Lucas Nelson, "Proud Geek; Hacker turned VC" and Founding Partner at Lytical Ventures

    "Proud Geek; Hacker turned VC" is what Lucas Nelson, Founding Partner at Lytical Ventures intitulates himself. In this weeks' episode, Lucas shared with us how he turned his experience and passion for hacking into his full time career, firstly as an operatior, then as a VC specialized in the  ...


  2. Christina Lopes, founder of One Health, invested by A16Z bio fund, has a mission to eradicate canine cancer

    Meet Christina, Founder of The One Health Company, and learn how she is revolutionizing how drugs and medical devices come to market by re-imagining how animal testing is done. From capital markets to venture, Chris spent a portion of her career specializing in emerging markets as an investor and ...


  3. Chang Xu on investing in AI and automation developer led products at Basis Set Ventures

    Meet Chang Xu, Partner at Basis Set Ventures, where she focuses on developer-led products. What most excites her are opportunities where founders build a thesis around "raising the ceiling, and lowering the floor", to ease complexity or democratize access. She previously was a Principal at Upfront Ventures, the ...


  4. Meet Brian Hutchings, partner at global law firm Gunderson Dettmer, and specialized in venture capital and tech in Latam

      Meet Brian Hutchings, partner at global law firm Gunderson Dettmer, specialized in venture capital and tech in Latam. They currently represent over 150 companies and the leading VCs in the region with the purpose of setting up startups for success the same way they would in Silicon Valley. With an ...


  5. Amit Garg on his trajectory from Brazil to Founding Partner at Tau Ventures, seed stage AI-first health and enterprise tech VC in the heart of Silicon Valley

    Born in Brazil from parents who migrated from India, Amit moved to US for college and has been in California ever since. Post his education at Stanford and Harvard, he spent time as a product manager at Google and as a VC at Norwest Ventyre partners,  fund with ...