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An interview show by Laura Constantini and Carolina Pascowitch (Lully) from Brazilian Venture Capital Firm Astella, where they go “backpacking” around the world to meet with extraordinary VCs, LPs and tech thought leaders, exploring their backgrounds, views and perspectives on tech investing; while capturing their essence, inspirations and aspirations in life!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Brock Saunders on his path to venture, beginners "luck", and on how Summer Action Fund, James River Capital and angel investing come together

    Everyone has a different path to venture, but for Brock it basically started with an amazing experience in capital markets working for Paul Tutuor then setting up his group at Citi. Not long after, his friend Michael Makrs from Riverwood Capital invited him to invest in a private company, which ...


  2. Mark Roberge on how he built and grew a sales machine from $0-100M at HubSpot & applied his acquired knowledge to build Stage2, the GTM VC Fund

    Mark Roberge is the MD at Stage 2 Capital, Professor at Harvard Business School and former CRO at HubSpot, (NYSE: HUBS) where he scaled annualized revenue from $0 to $100 million and expanded his team from 1 to 450 employees. Mark shares with us how his engineering background helped him shape a ...


  3. Jonathan Nelson on building communities of "faith", finding black swans and the future of VC for non Silicon Valley founders

    In this episode, Jonathan Nelson, Founder of Hack Fund and Hackers/Founders, the largest group of tech founders with 200,000 members worldwide, shares with us how growing up with missionary parents and spending the first part of his career as a trauma emergency room nurse helped him build his own "killer ...


  4. Chris Yeh & Jeff Abbott on building a "Blitzscalable" business model in different ecosystems around the world

    In our first episode of Astella around the World, our friends Chris and Jeff from Blitzcaling Ventures & Academy share with us a bit about how they brought the principles of Blitzscaling, the book Chris co-authored with Reid Hoffman, to support growth stage companies scale rapidly into winners-take-most markets.       ...


  5. Astella Around the World - Preview

    An interview show by Laura Constantini and Carolina Pascowitch from Brazilian Venture Capital Firm Astella, where they zoom out from the local tech and VC ecosystem to explore other perspectives from extraordinary VCs, LPs and Thought Leaders from around the world; capturing their essence, inspiration, insights and best practices. ...